Dr. Falk Billion talked on „The Valuation of Golf Courses“

(Dec. 8th, 2016) Lecture at the 23rd Freiburg Real Estate Days of the German Real Estate Academy (DIA)

In November 2016, Dr. Falk Billion held a lecture on the market value of golf courses within the framework of DIA’s 23rd Freiburg Real Estate Days.

Dr. Billion first gave an overview of the current situation of the German golf market to the approx. 180 participants (experts for property valuation and representatives of credit institutions). In his one-hour talk, he focused on the value drivers of golf courses (location, product, management). Finally, he presented a case study of the market value of a golf course, explaining the sector-specific parameters that are relevant to the application of the cost- and income-value procedures.

Since the participants welcomed the lecture with great interest, Dr. Falk Billion will deepen the topic in an article entitled "The Valuation of Golf Courses", which will be published in February 2017 in the German journal "Der Immobilienbewerter" - Zeitschrift fuer die Bewertungspraxis (Bundesanzeiger-Verlag).