Public Appointment as Certified Golf Course Appraisal/Valuation Expert


Dr. Falk Billion was officially appointed by the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) for Munich and Upper Bavaria in 1996 as the first German expert for golf course appraisals/valuations. He represents the subject of „business valuation“.

Dr. Falk Billion has given evidence of his special expertise in an examination by the CoC. Besids that, his reliability and integrity was also checked by the CoC. Dr. Billion was sworn in on fulfilling his duties conscientiously and personally, objectively, neutrally and impartially to report his expertise. He is bound by professional secrecy. Dr. Billion has completed a financial loss liability insurance for his expert services.

What is the difference between a "Certified Expert" and an "Expert" (not certified), or a "Consultant"?

The term "expert" alone is not a protected term and does not guarantee quality. Only persons who have been certified and sworn in by a public institution and have thereby demonstrated special expertise, objectivity and trustworthiness may call themselves "Certified Expert".

A certified expert is known by the term "Certified Expert", the circular temple and on the official identity card issued by the CoC.