Dr. Falk Billion

Certified Golf Course Appraiser / Valuer
Dr. Falk Billion is a Geographer by training  (University of Münster / Westphalia)

In 1975, he earned his PhD. with a dissertation on recreational behavior and planning of leisure facilities

From 1975 - 1991 he worked in various positions in research and planning of sport and leisure infrastructure,  among others as head of Sports and Environment with the German Sports Federation

On 01.01.1985 he became Managing Director of the German Golf Association. Since then, he has worked exclusively in the golf industry.

From 1987 to 1991 he conducted the business of the Bavaria Sport & Freizeit GmbH (Project Development Schloss Egmating Golf Course)

Since 1991 he has been running his golf course valuation office in Munich

In in 1996, he was certified by the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Golf Course Valuation Expert.

To date, Dr. Falk Billion has completed more than 750 studies and reports for approx. 500 clients at home and abroad

Clients are golf clubs, commercial golf course operators, land owners, municipalities, banks, insurance companies, courts, companies, receivers, etc.

Dr. Falk Billion was born in 1949 in Goch (near Cleves). He is married and has two adult daughters

Dr. Falk Billion speaks German, English, French and Dutch

As an amateur golfer Dr. Falk Billion (hcp. 18) has played about 400 golf courses on four continents