Dr. Falk Billion: Valuation Reports and Expert Opinions in 2018

(Dec. 31st, 2018) In 2018, Dr. Falk Billion was assigned valuation reports and expert opinions related to golf courses in seven German states, namely

Bavaria (3 golf courses)

Baden-Württemberg (2 golf courses)

Brandenburg (1 golf course)

Hesse (3 golf courses)

Lower Saxony (1 golf course)

Rhineland-Palatinate (1 golf course)

Schleswig-Holstein (2 golf courses)

as well as 1 golf course in Belgium and 1 in the Dominican Republic.

Clients in 2018 included landowners, golf course owners and operators, golf clubs, a bankruptcy trustee and a district court.

Dr. Falk Billion was publicly appointed and sworn in 1996 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria as Germany's first expert for the economic evaluation of golf courses.